Pierre R. Berastaín Ojeda
& Paul Staff

July 26 - 28, 2024
Château de Siradan, France

Our Story

The Start of Something...

Our journey kicked off unexpectedly on Valentine's Day in 2018 in Washington, DC when we were both traveling there for work. Neither of us called DC home; Paul was living in NYC and Pierre in Boston at the time. We both assumed we wouldn't see each other again, but fate had other plans.

Mixed Signals and Goodbye Kisses

The following week, Pierre happened to be in NYC for another work trip and asked if Paul wanted to grab lunch. Paul was nervous and talked incessantly about his work and the US health insurance system. At the end, Pierre just said, “You’re a terrible listener, you know that?" Paul thought he’d never see Pierre again, and so he waved goodbye while Pierre left in a taxi. Five minutes later, Paul got a text message: "I didn't get a goodbye kiss."

Wanderlust and Adventures

We both love to travel, and so our long-distance dating consisted of meeting each other in different cities. From a quick weekend in Denver to exploring the rich culture of Peru to sailing on a cruise with Paul’s family and gallivanting across Europe, we almost never turn down a trip. Our adventures have become the backdrop to some of our favorite moments.

Overcoming Challenges

All couples face challenges, but Pierre’s cooking skills take it to another level! No worries, though – he more than makes up for it with his talent for mixing a great cocktail. Whether tackling a home renovation amid pandemic chaos or navigating the complexities of the US immigration system, we've relied on each other, forming a team ready to confront anything that comes our way. Paul's ability to devise practical solutions pairs seamlessly with Pierre's emotional intelligence, which help us ground those solutions in the people involved.


From getting to Siradan to finding accommodations in the nearby town of Luchon and figuring out what to pack, we have got you covered. We encourage you to explore this section in detail to ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.

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We are thrilled to invite you to three days of joyous celebrations, each day brimming with unique events, themes, and dress codes. Our meticulously planned schedule promises a blend of elegance, fun, and unforgettable moments.

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Things to Do

Experience the captivating charm of the French Pyrenees during your stay. This region is a treasure trove of cultural richness and natural splendor, offering an array of activities from exploring historical landmarks to embarking on scenic hikes.

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The Chateau de Siradan is a splendid 17th-century estate, situated in the quaint village of Siradan. The chateau embodies the quintessence of traditional French architecture and is set against a breathtaking panorama of the French Pyrenees. After a meticulous restoration, the chateau seamlessly blends historical grandeur with contemporary comforts. The exquisitely-manicured gardens and beautiful interiors make for an ideal wedding venue. We are thrilled to invite you to experience the unique splendor and hospitality of the chateau as a guest at our celebration.

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